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78230 Dental Office

Which 78230 dental office can whiten my teeth?

Do you want the beautiful, healthy smile you have always desired? The professional at your San Antonio, TX 78230 dental office wants you to receive the best that modern dentistry has to offer. Providing one of the most simple and effective solutions for dramatically enhancing your appearance, their experienced cosmetic dentist is more than happy to discuss how you may stand to benefit from professional teeth whitening with ZOOM!, or any of the other cosmetic dentistry options offered at his office. By providing multiple levels of care for patients of all ages, San Antonio Center for Cosmetic Dentistry is your premier resource for the highest quality preventive, restorative, emergency and cosmetic dental care. Emphasizing a highly-individualized approach to oral care, Dr. Alan R. Layton and his caring, professional staff always take the time to discuss thoroughly all the options for your dental  health care, answer your questions and provide treatments for the best possible results for your smile.

78230 Dental Office

For the many of us who may have considered teeth whitening treatment, but been overwhelmed in the face of the vast number of over-the-counter options, figuring out which method to choose can be quite a conundrum. Your dentist in San Antonio is quite familiar with what is out there and exults in the opportunity to provide you with the professional guidance you can trust. Choosing the safest and most effective option is a reasonable concern for any patient. Many are surprised to learn that ZOOM! Teeth whitening treatment, offered at San Antonio Center for Cosmetic Dentistry, provides state-of-the-art results in the shortest time. Offered in an easy to use, customized take-home kit, or directly at your San Antonio, TX 78230 dental office, your dentist will carefully prescribe the treatment required to produce brilliant results! In-office treatments can be completed in as little time as a one-hour appointment. The take-home teeth whitening system also provides excellent results, over a more gradual period of time, of several days to two weeks.

If you would like a lighter, brighter smile, taking the time to discuss ZOOM! teeth whitening treatment at your San Antonio, TX 78230 dental office is certainly worthwhile! To get started, call San Antonio Center for Cosmetic Dentistry at the number below.


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