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San Antonio dental implants

Where can I find dental implants in San Antonio?

If you’ve lost one or many teeth, you’re going to want to speak with an experienced and caring dentist who offers a comprehensive range of treatment solutions. At San Antonio Center for Cosmetic Dentistry, your dentist offers the latest in bridgework, partial and full dentures, as well as exceptional restorations and prostheses to complete treatment with San Antonio dental implants. With a compassionate, patient-centered approach to oral care, Dr. Alan R. Layton will personally take the time to explain the most suitable options for you, and achieve the best possible results.

San Antonio dental implants

If you’ve been considering your best options for tooth replacement, San Antonio dental implants are an excellent choice. Ingeniously designed to reproduce your natural teeth in just about every way, dental implants don’t just rest above the gum line like other prosthetics. Designed with a base that reaches from the uppermost crown all the way down into the jaw, where it fuses to the bone, they’re unrivaled in their ability to secure a dental prosthesis. Acting to prevent bone loss, dental implants not only help to maintain the natural contours of your face, but also promote the health of your jaws. Whether used to support a custom crown, matched to the shade, proportions and alignment of your natural teeth, fixed bridge, or implant-retained denture, Dr. Layton will make the highest quality restorative and prosthetic options available for the last phase of your implant treatment.

If you’ve chosen San Antonio dental implants and require a restorative crown, bridge or denture to finalize your new smile, contact San Antonio Center for Cosmetic Dentistry for the professional care of an experienced cosmetic dentist. Dedicated to keeping abreast of the most leading edge technology, techniques and restorative materials, your dentist in San Antonio prides himself in helping patients benefit from the latest advancements in the field. To schedule your next appointment, get in touch with Dr. Layton at the number provided below.

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